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Our Proven Process

At The Kreativ Co., our process kicks off with a deep dive into your business and target audience. We then craft engaging content tailored specifically to resonate with them. From optimization to meticulous editing and proofreading, we've got every aspect covered.

Efficiency to Empower You

With The Kreativ Co., you can wave goodbye to the complexities of hiring, firing, contract management, and writer training. We've streamlined the process for you.

Always at Your Service

We understand that timeliness and precision are paramount. Our team collaborates closely with clients to ensure the prompt and accurate delivery of content.

Quality and Affordability

We've found the sweet spot between premium agencies and budget content providers. The Kreativ Co. offers top-tier content at prices that won't break the bank. No shortcuts, just excellence.

Endless Revisions, No Extra Costs

Unlimited revisions come standard with our service. We'll fine-tune your content until it aligns perfectly with your vision, and there are no additional charges.

Seamless Recurring Plans

Unlike others, The Kreativ Co. exclusively offers recurring plans designed for 4-12 blog posts per month (or more if required). This approach fosters a robust client-writer relationship, enhancing our understanding of your brand and audience, resulting in superior content quality.

Custom Design Solutions?

Count on us.

The Kreativ Co. specializes in creating top notch, long form content that helps you achieve top rankings on search engines, drive traffic and conversions.

How Our Process Unfolds

Here's a detailed look at how we operate at The Kreativ Co.

1️⃣ Select a Plan and Join Us
Start by choosing one of our subscription plans, which commence at just $1500 per month for a package that includes four articles.

2️⃣ Share Your Objectives
During the onboarding phase, we'll delve into your goals, current content strategies, SEO tactics, and seek to understand your unique objectives. Based on this, we'll provide tailored recommendations.

3️⃣ Request Bespoke Blog Content
Feel free to submit requests for any specific content you'd like us to craft. If you're short on ideas or specifics, no worries - we can propose ideas to keep you covered for up to three months!

4️⃣ Review & Go Live
Once your writer drafts your article, you'll have the opportunity to review it. Share your thoughts, provide feedback, or request edits if necessary. We're here to ensure your content is precisely as you envision it.

Exceptional Blog Content, Trusted Team

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What is The Kreativ Co. Blog Writing?

We specialize in crafting high-quality, reader-engaging blog content designed to boost website traffic, enhance organic search rankings, and drive lead generation and sales. Our seasoned team ensures keyword optimization and appealing formatting for your posts. We're committed to your satisfaction, offering a 100% guarantee.

What's the Article Length?

Our articles typically span 500 to 700 words. Should you prefer longer content, we can accommodate requests for posts ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 words, and even up to 3,000 words. We also offer the option to consolidate articles from your plans into single or multiple longer pieces.

What's the Anticipated Turnaround Time?

Typically, your initial completed article will be ready within 6-10 business days or sooner. Once you're subscribed, expect to receive a steady stream of articles at regular intervals.

Do I Have Control Over the Topics?

Absolutely. You'll share a content calendar featuring your ideas and preferred keywords, aligned with your SEO objectives and our research. Your approval of each topic is obtained prior to the start of the writing process.

Do You Handle Article Publication?

No, our service entails delivering the article to you in either Google Doc or Word document format.

Can Revisions be Made to the Article?

Certainly. We offer unlimited revisions to ensure the content aligns perfectly with your preferences and feedback.

What Details Are Needed to Begin?

After sign up, we will send you a blog post request form, which outlines all the necessary input for each article. Additionally, you have the option to directly communicate with us to provide any supplementary information or specific requirements.

What Industries do you Cover?

Our writers can cover virtually any industry. We have several writers with different backgrounds and experiences in the team and we’ll assign the work to the most experienced for the specific niche or industry.

All our writers will follow a journalistic fact-finding process to source reliable information and create valuable, well researched content. No matter your industry, The Kreativ Co. is equipped to provide you with exceptional content tailored to your specific needs and expertise.

Some of the industries we cover:

Architecture Engineering Insurance SaaS
Automotive Environment Law Sales
Beauty Fashion Legal Security
Cannabis Food Manufacturing Software
Career Gaming Nutrition Sports
Construction Gardening Parenting Streaming
Counseling Health Personal Finance Technology
Dental Healthcare Real Estate Transportation
Design Home improvement Relationships Travel
Ecommerce HR Religion Wellness

I need a Different Volume. Can I get a Custom Quote?

Absolutely! To inquire about a personalized quote for any content volume, starting from 1,000 words a month, kindly reach out to us at [email protected]. We'll be delighted to assist you further.

What Types of Content Does The Kreativ Co. Offer?

At The Kreativ Co., our content writing services encompass a diverse range of purposes, including blog post creation, article writing, and crafting engaging social media content. We're here to cater to your specific content needs and objectives, crafting content that captivates and informs your audience effectively.

Here's a glimpse of the content types we specialize in:

  • Educational articles
  • Review articles
  • Comparison articles (e.g., X vs. Y)
  • Case studies
  • List-type articles (e.g., Best XYZ services)
  • Comprehensive guides and tutorials
  • Informative product descriptions
  • In-depth use case articles

Why Are Blogs Vital for Businesses?

Blogs are business essentials for several key reasons:

Discoverability: Blog posts are your beacon in the vast sea of online information. They ensure your business is found by potential customers searching for product, service, or industry-related information, opening doors for consideration, relationship-building, lead generation, and sales.

SEO Power: Blogs attract traffic and links, bolstering your website's reputation and rankings across crucial keywords. This translates to increased organic traffic and leads, a cornerstone of effective SEO.

Personal Connection: Blogs provide a personal touch, fostering direct communication with customers and followers. This trust-building and relationship-nurturing aspect can be a game-changer in the long-term success of your business.

Can Your Writing Help Boost My Google Ranking?

Absolutely! At The Kreativ Co., our seasoned writers possess the expertise needed to elevate your website's ranking on Google. With our skill and know-how, we craft top-notch, keyword-rich content designed to connect with your target audience effectively.

Are Your Blog Writing Services SEO-Friendly?

Absolutely! Our content is tailored to boost your site's traffic, enhance rankings, and build valuable backlinks. We'll optimize the content to align with your goals, including targeting specific keywords and assisting with SEO strategy and planning.

SEO begins with topic selection. We'll research your client's products, site rankings, and competition to pinpoint topics and keywords for improved ranking. Keywords will be strategically woven into the article, enhancing its relevance while maintaining readability.

What's the Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO?

The optimal length varies, contingent on keyword competitiveness and topic complexity. While SEO matters, delivering reader value is crucial. Hence, the ideal length hinges on the topic and article goals. At The Kreativ Co., we typically craft articles ranging from 500 to 700 words—a sweet spot that balances SEO impact and reader engagement.

How Do You Approach Content Research?

Our writers adhere to a journalistic approach, thoroughly researching each topic. They immerse themselves in the subject matter, seeking reliable sources to craft informative and engaging content.

While our versatility spans a wide array of subjects, there are exceptions. We refrain from highly technical topics requiring specific industry expertise, such as medical, law, accounting, and others. These subjects demand in-depth knowledge beyond web research to create genuinely valuable content.


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